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Hi, it might seems a little weird but i saw you wanted to know where is that comic panel about megatron and optimus so here kairisparda(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92583078508 I hope you still want to know :P

OMG THANK YOU. And yes, I still wanted to know! Thank you so much!


"why do you like floral prints so much" because i’m not a person. secretly i’m just a mass of bees. trying to blend in with humans. unable to let go of my love of flowers



steve and bucky being in a meeting with all the avengers at the stark tower and steve is getting progressively more pissed off with them and their shenanigans while bucky just sits at the bar ignoring everything

"bucky come on, help me!"

"no way, don’t drag me into this"

"just give me a hand!"



when u say a really clever comeback without stuttering



fun-size candy bars aren’t fun after you’ve eaten 37 of them


i literally dont talk to anyone unless they talk to me first

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